Web Design

A good website needs good text but, what is good text if it gets presented badly? A good web design that appeals to the user also conveys the text perfectly. We will make sure the web design will appeal to the user and follows the corporate design. Just check out our References!


Do you have a website that has become outdated or doesn’t fulfill the customers’ needs anymore? No problem for us! With a restructuring of the website and some small design changes, or a complete redesign, we can bring your website up to date so it can become the trend setter once again.


Are you a new or established business that wants to open up to new markets? With E-Commerce, you can do just that. E-Commerce allows you to open up to new markets with high profit and minimal personal effort. We can provide you a small SWAG shop up to a larger product shop.


In the age of Web 2.0, we focus on content management systems where we prepare everything for you and you can manage your website yourself with a few simple steps. You don’t need any software and you’re able to manage your website from all around the world. We put our main focus into the market leading open source CMS system Drupal

Search Engine Optimization

Even the best looking website is not worth much if it’s not found in the search engines, or if it’s far behind in the search results. Here is where search engine optimization comes into play. We can analyze existing websites and with some content or technical adjustments, bring them into a higher ranking with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.


Our CMS system offers many things out of the box, but if you have needs that go beyond the feasibility of CMS systems, or have simply got nothing to do with a web page, that is no reason for us to say no. We can conceive and implement any of your special wishes.

Plugin Develpment

With our CMS systems, we can choose from thousands of plug-ins from the community. If you have an individual requirement where there is no plug-in already existing, this is the perfect challenge for us to develop your own plug-in.

Logo Design

Are you a startup company that still doesn’t have a company logo or you want to launch a new brand? We can design your brand or company logo for you. If you wish, we can also design the entire corporate design and corporate identity for you.